Oct. 6th, 2014


Oct. 6th, 2014 06:10 pm
Thought i'd introduce myself.

I'm Deona Lindholm. I'll be 40 next year, but I think age is just a number, really. I work part-time in two places: a sheltered workshop at the Burton Center during the week, and a Dining Hall at Lander University on the weekends (at times during the day in the week, too).

Why a sheltered workshop? Simply put, I have Autism, very high function.

I live with my mom and two brothers, one of which commutes to college and is majoring in Business Administration. The other one moved in with us over the summer.

As to my mom, though...let's just say that this summer has been bad on her. She's 70, and won't live to see Christmas.

I have faves in music, and recently I learned how to make covers (yes, I do sing). I'm still a beginner, though.

Oh yeah, I did write fanfics, but earlier this year, I quit after "Soul's Refrain" flopped, big time. I was going to resume, but one thing after another happened. I'm not even sure that anything from me would go over well now...

I RP on Tumblr in Kuroshitsuji, mainly as Ronald Knox and Eric Slingby. I absolutely won't RP as Alan or William (why is for another time). I have 2 blogs there: dancerhybrid and reapercentral.



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